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Endangered mammals: among tapirs, pacas and peccaries

Por (autor),  Claudia Zúñiga Vega
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Fecha de Publicación :2018
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Descripción del libro

At present, mammals are one of the most successful groups of animals that exist. Nevertheless, the way in which human beings have devastated the planet has provoked the disappearance of a large amount of natural areas that were the site in which these animals lived and obtained their food, thus jeopardizing their existence. This book tells how the Baird’s Tapir, the Paca and the Peccary look like, where they live, what they eat and which are their enemies. Some suggestions are also given for us to help in the protection of these marvelous creatures. What is really necessary is that more persons like you get to know, admire and protect these mammals and join in the efforts taking place around the world to preserve such valuable species.