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The Intrepids: Costa Rican Women in Science and Technology

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Formato : PDF
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Fecha de Publicación :2021
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Descripción del libro

Have you ever wondered what life is like for women involved in science and technology?
In this book you will find many answers, as it will take you on the paths traveled by 18 fabulous young Costa Rican women who have excelled in science and technology. They are truly intrepid, not because they are never afraid, but because they have shown enormous amounts of courage, innovation, perseverance and commitment to achieve their dreams and career goals.
We will visit the present and the past lives of each one of them in order to learn about the successes, triumphs and difficulties that they encountered on their paths to professional success.
That is why we are very excited to celebrate the contributions that intrepid Costa Rican women make to Costa Rica and the world in the fields of science and technology. In addition, we will learn about very diverse fields including Physics, Meteorology, Biology, Marine Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Informatics, Nanotechnology, Chemistry and various branches of Engineering (mechanical, aerospace, biomedical and electronic).
At the same time, we will explore the lives of women from a variety of time periods and countries who have gone down in history for their important contributions to the well-being of their people and communities.
We should feel pride in the knowledge that Costa Rican women are making history in numerous ways on several continents! We welcome you on board. Enjoy the ride!