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The mathematics of everyday

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Formato : PDF
Número de páginas : 248
Edición :1
Fecha de Publicación :2020
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Descripción del libro

Enjoy a fascinating journey through the world of mathematics in the pages of this e-book. Whether you consider yourself a math nerd, or you would simply like to find out more about why mathematics continues to shape our lives, as it has from earliest civilizations, this e-book will not disappoint.
The mathematics of everyday will simultaneously inform, entertain, and challenge your thinking about mathematics and its place in our everyday lives.
With seven chapters on wide ranging topics from numbers to patterns and models, from probability to culture and society, this e-book will hold your attention from beginning to end. 
Topics are structured to clearly present an overview of an area of math, and how this area connects with intriguing historical and current, everyday situations. As such, this e-book does not promote a closed, instructional type of experience, but an open-ended experience for all to explore the fascination that mathematics can bring to our lives.
Produced initially in a Spanish language version by a team of mathematicians and communicators, passionate about engaging people in life-long learning, this e-book has been revised to share the wonder of mathematics with English readers.