Neotropical avifauna: ecology and conservation - TEC

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Neotropical avifauna: ecology and conservation

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Fecha de Publicación :2023
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Descripción del libro

This work describes the main aspects of bird ecology and conservation in two sections. The first focuses on evolutionary and behavioral aspects related to their origin, feeding, reproduction, habitat, and migration. Each topic is illustrated with a variety of well-founded examples from the scientific literature and high-quality, colorful images. The second deals with the conservation status of birds, from extinct species to those currently threatened. An exhaustive analysis of the main causes that have led to the disappearance of a variety of them and have caused the reduction of their populations is made. In addition, research and conservation efforts aimed at reversing the critical state in which many bird species are currently found are described.

There is a great gap on this subject, since in contemporary literature there are no works with these characteristics that address the ecology and conservation of birds in an integrated manner. Therefore, this book, in addition to being very complete and up to date, will be able to be used by a wide audience, both in an academic context and outside of it.

Its main objective is to contribute to the knowledge about the ecology of birds and their conservation. Although examples of species from all over the world are described, there is a clear emphasis on those from the Neotropical region, as it is one of the most diverse on the planet. Several chapters highlight the often-devastating effects of humans on ecosystems, which have led to the threat of a good number of bird species.