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Ornamental plants of the tropic

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Formato : PDF
Número de páginas : 642
Edición :1
Fecha de Publicación :2019
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Descripción del libro

With simple language and a practical grouping by plant types, the second edition of Ornamental plants of the tropic presents a taxonomic update, due to the complex and novel advances recently achieved by plant taxonomy, incorporating DNA studies, which led to that many genera, species and plant families will change their name.
In addition, it is presented under a new format, a graphic redesign, extensive photographic material and a better review of style.
For the well-known Costa Rican botanist Luis Jorge Poveda, “this wonderful book constitutes a gigantic breath of fresh air, or a magical and prodigious downpour after a long and raw summer”. The specialist considers it a great work and consultation guide for architects, engineers, biologists, agronomists, organized groups and, of course, for so many people who want excellent advice to beautify their homes, malls and neighborhoods.